Thursday, December 8, 2011

I'm Back


hie :)
lama rasanya x create new post dkt blog ni.
dont eva ask me y i'm not update any post T_T
haha Mood Lazy sudah dtg la actually. !
since Final Exam sudah lame berlalu
and a lot of things yg happen dlm bulan November
what i can say is ' i seriously redha what will happen because i'm trying my best , fullstop!'
a lot of emotional scene yg berlaku during that month
sick T_T, had a problem with my mini project audit , etc.
insyallah started by 21st of Dec 2011
i will going to semester 6
a lot of thing will happen after that!
scary people, so scary..
may ALLAH give me a strength to face all situation during that time..

Allah menjamin pengabulan doa sesuai dengan apa yang Dia pilih buatmu, bukan menurut apa yang kamu pilih sendiri. Dan pada saat yang Dia kehendaki bukan pada waktu yang kamu ingin

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