Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Feb *5


i have a lots of dream
on the list :-
-DEGREE holder
-travel overseas
-own car (CRV, SWIFT, MYVI )
-home sweet home
-loving husband( so so gediks)
-can help others people who needs help

i know my dreams too high to achieve but i will prove it.
i'm trying to be a good daughter by not complaining anything..
give me a strength ya ALLAH..
i do not need LOVE <3 from other boy to get playing my feeling.
i very grateful to have my beloved family, friends and all my meows :)
i love them very much

learning is wonderful process .. 
i love this process even i will hurts during the process
its ok,
never give up !
u'r strong girl..

pst: i'm so sory if my english terabur. i'm trying to communicate by using this language. hope u guys don't mind

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