Sunday, February 13, 2011


ok ok.
ada something interesting yang dah lama aku nak buat.
tapi x terbuat-buat lagi.
jeng jeng!
jom main game ni kwn-kwn :)

10 days question.

 day one- ten things about you

 day two-ten things you love

 day three - ten things you hate

 day four-ten things you want to say to one person

 day five- ten wishes

 day six- ten items you can't live without

 day seven-ten important people

 day eight-ten of your favourite songs

 day nine- ten ways to win your heart

 day ten- ten final words.


Anonymous said...

like it...huhuhuhuhuhuhu...^_^...

echa said...

oh ya..
tq :)

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